New 11.50 m high Hall 10 for Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre with Top Finish

Project: Construction of the new hall 10, Stuttgart trade fair centre

Contractor: Moser GmbH & Co. KG, Merzhausen

MEVA Systems: Mammut 350 wall formwork, SecuritBasic safety system, MT 60 shoring system, MEP shoring system, KAB 190 and BKB 125 foldable working platforms, Triplex heavy-duty brace

Engineering and support: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Stuttgart branch



Fast Assembly, Safe Operation

With the new Hall 10, the Stuttgart trade fair centre is expanding its exhibition space by 14,600 m² to 120,000 m². Furthermore, additional conference facilities are being added in the West Entrance area. Thus, the original design for the new trade fair centre is finally being implemented.

Simple handling and quick erection MT 60 and MEP shoring systems

During the new construction of the West Entrance, the MT 60 shoring system supported 630 m² of in-situ concrete ceilings with thicknesses from 25 to 50 cm at heights up to 9.30 m inside the building. The shoring tower was assembled lying on the floor and erected using a crane. It is equipped with planking to form a work platform for slab framework removal. The cantilevered ceilings at heights up to 11 m were supported externally using the MEP shoring system. The quick and simple assembly thrilled both foremen and site manager.

Hall walls with architectural finish
The hall‘s walls had to be poured following specific architectural finish specifications. Facing sheet was mounted on the panels on-site to achieve a special surface pattern on the concrete. Site management used the MEVA concrete pressure calculator to check the fresh-concrete pressure during concrete pouring at heights up to 11,50 m and to precisely determine the rate of pouring.

Approval by health and safety authorities: SecuritBasic access
The safety equipment including comprehensive fall protection was planned and approved in advance by the health and safety inspectors of the German workers’ insurance. The modular safety system SecuritBasic ensures optimum access protection, while working levels to the left and right are setup with conventional walkway brackets and planking. SecuritBasic makes handling operations on site simple, flexible and cost-effective.

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